Tuesday, August 16, 2011

4th Chemotherapy Treatment

I am a 1/3 of the way through!!! WOOHOO!!! My treatments are usually in the morning around 9ish so i was super bummed that I had to wait til 12:15. But my blood counts were great so i was cleared for treatment. i went in the "chemo room" and choose my "comfy" chair for the afternoon. Everything was going well and the benedryl was kicking in so i was off to nappy nap land. I was woken up an hour or so later by one of my dad's best friends, jimmy. what a wonderful surprise to have a visitor during treatment. he was in town unfortunetly visiting his son in the hospital. so i felt very special to have him visit me. we caught up and visited for a little while then he left and i was finishing up my last few minutes of treatment. i left and went straight home, rested for alittle while then got the kids ready for dinner. It was my mom's birthday and we were going to dinner at 6:30. It was go go go that when i finally crawled into bed i was exhausted. That night the nausea set in...and it was awful! for the next 3 days i felt like it was never going to end. between the achyness of the shot and quesiness i was in for one tough fight. This time was the hardest to bounce back from (but i guess i say that every time). It seems like this will be a snowball effect but i am prepared mentally for the next time. With my friends and family by my side i will get through this next round and be back to myself in no time ;)