Thursday, September 8, 2011

5th Chemo Treatment

Well, this one started just like all the others...blood work, then meeting with my Dr. then off to the chemo room...but ended a little different. My blood work was amazingly good so no worries there but i pointed out to Dr. Parikh that I had these little red freckles on the inside of my arms, stomach and thighs and he said he never seen that before (they don't hurt, itch or bugme in anyway they are just there). He examined them and was still at a lost. he said that the only thing that could be causing them was the white blood cell boost injections. so he was going to skip the injection this time (i must admit i was a little leery but did a happy dance, cause if you've been reading this blog you know how much i despise that damn shot). I went to chemo, took my nap and went home to sleep the rest of it off. Then the nausea set in and it lasted a little longer then usual. but i think the pain of the injection usually out ways the nausea, so i never pay attention to how much i actually am queasy. i went the following week for a blood test to see how my body was doing without the injection and it was doing pretty good. my platelets were up a lot higher then usual but my white blood count was a little lower then normal. Not scary low but low. They said that is normal because i didn't have the injection and my body would try to replace them through out the week and hopefully they would high enough for the next round of chemo.
Well tomorrow morning i will have my next round, my 6th round, the half way point...half way point, woohoo!!! I will get a pet scan in the next week to see how everything is going and that the treatments are working. i'm hoping for them to do the scan and tell me this nightmare is over! ahhh, to dream :) It has flown by pretty fast and before i know it, it will be over and I WILL BE CANCER FREE!!