Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Port

well this week was full of excitement! i got my port put in. the doctors, nurses and tech's at desert radiology were amazing! they made me laugh and feel completely comfortable during the entire procedure. i was explained in detail (and in words that i could understand) what was going to happen from beginning to end, it was great! they thanked me for being "young and nice"...they then explained that they deal with A LOT of (as they put it) "old mean patients". i wish there was something i could do to thank them. we left there and i felt great...apparently still drugged up.
ted and lorie came with me. since lorie has come home for the summer she has been right by my side helping me, going with me to appointments and just being there when i freak out on my bi-polar days. but today i think she came along to help ted and support him.
when we left i said i was hungry so we went to egg works for breakfast. came home and i took a nap and when i woke up the meds that i was on had worn off and the "48 hours of pain" began. i wasn't given a prescription but just told to take advil...that is a bunch of bologna!!! this sucker hurt, it felt like someone beat the crap out of my chest, the tug and constant pull from the port and the tube that is now connected to my jugular vein wore me out...those "48 hours of pain" involved lots of grunts and winces of pain and tears. this is really funny...but i have had to wear a bra to bed because the gravitational pull hurt to much! hahaha, damn big boobs!
today however the bandage came off and i feel 80% better and am looking forward to feeling 100% better in a day or so.


  1. you are strong and wonderful, this is just another test in life and one you will pass with flying colors. I love you!

    Heather Seaward, BFF for life!

  2. Advil? Are they crazy? You need a medal! Your kids are going to be so proud when they find out what an amazingly strong mama they have.