Monday, July 4, 2011

Who knew???

i kept hearing about the side effects from chemo. fatigue, nausea, vomit ting, different taste buds, losing my hair but i never knew a white blood cell boost injection was going to rock my world!!! at the end of my 1st chemo appt the nurse gave me a schedule card with all my next appts. the very next day i would have to return and get a white blood cell boost injection. ok, i thought no big deal, after the mental and physical hardship of my 1st round of chemo this should be no big deal. i'm not scared of needles. i showed up in good spirits, smiling and saying hello to all the nurses i had scene the day before. i got the forms to read about the shot and it's side effects. it asked about my allergies to various things (i have none) and i was warned that i would feel achy and sore that same day and the next. i got my shot and was on my way home. i felt great and went out with heather and jeremy that night and i got home about 11pm and thought, "hmmm, i guess i'm not going to have this achy side effect cause it hadn't started yet"

...then i went to bed...

i was woken up the next morning by a moan of pain and that moan of pain came from me just rolling over in bed!!! it felt like my head to my abdomen was bruised and was throbbing in pain. i had an upset stomach for the 1st 2 days but that was nothing compared to this pain i felt. i am one of those people, when they have a bruise they keep touching it to see if it still hurts (i know, i'm a dork) and i kept doing that all day thursday and friday. in all my life i have never felt a more uncomfortable and painful feeling running through my body. it felt like it would never end and i was very discouraged in thinking that for the next 6months i would feel sick, i would feel like i have cancer. but i woke up saturday morning and i felt "normal" again. i wasn't very queasy (but i am not willing to risk the chance of feeling nausea, so i am still taking my anti-nausea meds) and i felt like i had before the chemo had started awake and pain free!
so just when i thought "damn it,this just started and i am feeling weak and defeated and keeping my glass half full/think positive/kick this cancers butt attitude was going to be a challenge...i squashed it!!! i now know what to expect and i will be better prepared (lots of advil, ice packs and naps) for not my next round of chemo, but my next round of white blood cell boost injections.
a few days of "being hit by a semi...then a bus ran me over...then the train came by and mowed me down" is so worth the REST of my LONG LIFE!!!

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