Sunday, October 2, 2011

Half way there!!!

My 6th round of chemo was like all the others, get there-check in-have my blood drawn-see the dr-go to the chemo room and get ready for my 3 hr nap :) but...what i was really anxcious for was my PET Scan. This was going to tell me that I AM beating stupid Hodgepodge's butt (that's what my friend, Barbara calls it). The Dr said I woul have to wait till the end of next week to have it done and then I would have the results by my next appt.

I went to Desert Radiology, got my valium, sat in the comfy chair and went in for my scan. I tried to get the tech to tell me but no luck, he wouldn't talk. Afterward Ted and I met Lorie for breakfast. Now I wait...

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